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Your Child’s Predisan Trip

Does your child hope to make a trip to Predisan? You may have greeted that news with an understandable amount of trepidation. Of course, you are happy your child – whether a teen, college student or young professional – has a servant heart and concern for others, but after all, Predisan is in a third-world country!

Since the best help for your concerns is solid information, we hope the information available through the links below will put your mind at ease. We work diligently to ensure that every volunteer at Predisan has a rich and meaningful experience. As groups bless others, they are blessed.

We are glad your child is planning to visit Predisan. We hope you can make a trip sometime, too!

Your First Question

Your first question may be: “What if I need to contact my child in Honduras?” You can call Honduras from the United States if your phone has international calling. You can also e-mail our staff in Honduras. You can also contact our staff in the United States.

Predisan Contact Information

Click contact Predisan for a wealth of contact information on this web site.

Click here to download PDF: Predisan contact information 2012

Your child should take a copy of this list on his/her trip, and you should keep a copy at home.

Information: Predisan and Honduras

Information: Group Trips

  • Group Trips And Brigades
  • Forms and Materials
  • Key Trip Deadlines