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Key Mission Predisan Staff

Mailing address:


Apartado Postal # 47
Catacamas, Olancho
Honduras, Centro América

Shipping address


Barrio el campo
Carretera a la Universidad, contiguo a los juzgados
Apartado postal #47
Catacamas, Olancho
Honduras, Centro America
Office: 011-504-2799-4027
Office: 011-544-2799-4662
Fax: 011-544 2799-5564

Dr. Amanda Madrid

Executive Director
[email protected]
Catacamas contact information:
Catacamas, Olancho, Honduras
Work: 011-504-2-799-4662 or 2-799-4027
Cell Number: 9844-6411
Fax: 011-504-2-799-5564

Executive Director Assistant

Emely Zuniga: [email protected]

Julio Benitez

Director, Spiritual Development
[email protected]
Work: 011-504-2-799-4630
Work: 011-504-2-799-4027

Karla Posantes

Director, Cerepa
011-504-2-799-4630 and 011-504-2-799-1969
E-mail: [email protected]

Predisan-USA, Inc.

Office mailing address:

Predisan-USA, Inc.
Post Office Box 72618
Marietta, GA 30007


Linda Trevathan

Chief Executive Officer
Work: 678-800-2512
[email protected]

Karen Rhodes

USA Development Coordinator
[email protected]
Skype: karen.rhodes.predisan1