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Predisan’s Partnering Churches Change Lives

The lives of the people of Honduras have been forever changed by the wonderful churches who partner with Predisan. Partnering churches send groups of volunteers to Predisan, share their resources, and support and expand our mission. Likewise, Predisan blesses congregations by involving them in a vital, deeply-spiritual ministry.

Group members grow and are challenged spiritually even as they share and give. Together we participate in the wonderful work of “Proclaiming Jesus, Healing Lives.”

Church groups traveling to Honduras are vital to our work. For example, a large group from the Richardson East Church, Richardson, TX, pictured here, served in 2011 by working in the Healthy Schools program – helping with dental hygiene and presenting Bible lessons, building latrines to improve water quality, doing construction and working with residents at CEREPA addiction treatment center. Upper right, a Richardson East volunteer with children in the mountains. Lower right, Richardson East team members with Predisan staff.

Many partnering churches join in the Walks for Honduras each fall to support our efforts and celebrate the opportunity to serve in the name of Jesus.

Predisan is seeking new church partners. More than 25 congregations support our work each year, with 12 of these churches deeply involved in multiple aspects of Predisan’s ministry. Churches in Colorado, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and California support our efforts. We welcome the opportunity to talk to your church leaders about partnering together.

Often churches send leaders to see Predisan’s work firsthand during a 4-5 day survey trip. Leaders also may join a service team to better understand the group experience. We welcome the opportunity to arrange trips for leaders to see Predisan.

To explore these possibilities for the glory of God, please contact:

Karen Rhodes, USA Development Coordinator:

[email protected]