Why I love Predisan
By: dcswp
Nov 21, 2014

When I first visited Catacamas, Honduras back in 1993 I was so impressed by the care and loving attention afforded the patients being treated at the then temporary rented clinic facilities of Predisan.

As the medical services were expanded, Predisan has grown from the rented clinic facilities to the Good Samaritan Clinic built in 2001 with two surgical suites, 7 mountain clinics, which have now been added to on request of the Honduras Health Minister and Predisan added 17 more clinics in Culmi, including a Birthing Center. The Gov’t realizes Predisan can run these clinics better than they.

This organization is true to its mission and touches all who are involved whether it is the nurses, visitors, patients or surgeons who volunteer their time, talents and expertise. The last group performed 34 surgeries in four days, and the anesthesiologist (first timer) was overwhelmed with the gratitude of the patients, one of whom thanked him in English about six or seven times when she was coming back to consciousness. I’ve been up in the mountains digging latrines to bringing groups down to Honduras and Catacamas since 1993 and I have never failed to be impacted by my visits or seeing those fellow travelers amazed and blessed by what they received from their visit and appreciation for the staff of Predisan. This is a truly great organization. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t keep coming.