Trip Forms and Handbooks

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The Materials You Will Need

Most Forms Must Be Completed And Returned To Your Group Leader One Month Before You Leave.

We try to keep paperwork to a minimum, but these forms are required. Please download and print the materials below for your group as needed. If questions, please email Teresa Mejia, groups liaison, at [email protected]

Medical Brigade Materials

Materials Are In PDF or Excel Format

  • Information form for Predisan & U.s. Embassy In Honduras (Excel doc)
    Group leader completes and e-mails to Predisan. The Embassy web site rejects forms with empty fields. You must complete all fields.
    Due date: One month before trip
  • Medical_handbook_2013
    Everyone needs copy – Includes vital contact information for families
  • Medical/liability release (NOTE: Minors have different form, below)
    Everyone must complete, have notarized in two places then given to group leader by deadline.
    Due date: One month before trip
  • Guidelines for visiting physicians
    All physicians must complete and give to group leader
    DUE DATE:At least one month before trip
  • Also: Medical credentials
    Medical volunteers must see the Medical Brigade Handbook for requirements and deadlines and consult David Matamoros about submitting these materials – email above.

Due date: At least five weeks before your trip. This is an ironclad deadline in order for you to practice medicine in Honduras.

Service Group Materials

Materials in PDF or EXCEL format

(NOTE: Minors have different form, below)
Due date
: One month before trip

For Minors In All Groups

Release In PDF format: (PARENTS must complete)

For Short Term Interns And Missionaries

Short Term Missionary Application
Interns Short Term Volunteers Handbook 2012

Contact Information PDF

Print one copy to take to Honduras and give one copy to your family at home