Spiritual Outreach

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Predisan’s desire is to see spiritual growth and life change in our staff, volunteers and the communities and individuals we serve. Our goal is to see the next generation walking in a relationship with God, not just knowing about God. We strive to proclaim the kingdom as examples and voices of Christ in all we say and do as an organization.

To accomplish this staff and chaplains


  • Create partnerships with individuals, churches and faith-based organizations to proclaim the gospel and together grow in our relationship with Christ.
  • Present the Kingdom of God and story of Jesus by facilitating spiritual transformation and discipleship opportunities for staff, volunteers and patients.
  • Equip local churches and church leaders through training and development programs.
  • Pioneer Biblically-based Christian counseling services throughout all Predisan programs.
  • Spiritual Outreach: A 2012 Snapshot

    672: Individuals and married couples received Christian counseling in sessions covering topics about: family conflict, depression, addictions, teenage pregnancies, domestic violence, sexual abuse and marriage problems.
    All patients and staff: Every day at each health center all patients have the opportunity to hear the Gospel through 30 minute devotionals run by Predisan at each of our facilities.
    13 Intercessory prayer nights at CEREPA in which 11 local churches and staff participated with a total attendance of 492 people, as a result 68 patients decided to reconcile with God.
    156 Spiritual group therapy sessions were developed 2 days a week and as a result 43 patients at CEREPA decided to reconcile with Christ.

    The Chaplains’ Benevolence Program

    Patients at the Predisan clinics pay a small fee for health care. This affirms personal dignity and gives worth to the services. For the very poor who desperately need help, benevolent donors help Predisan fully subsidize their care. The Benevolence Program is coordinated by Predisan’s chaplains and facilitated by leaders at local churches, who are provided vouchers to give to sick or needy persons they know, or encounter, through their work.

    In 2012, 9,840 patients received subsidized services at a cost of $269,301, of this amount $251,431 comes from the contract with the Ministry of Health and $17,869 comes from the Predisan Benevolence Program.

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