Key Trip Deadlines

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Planning Your Trip to Predisan

We are happy you’re planning to make a group or brigade trip to Predisan.

This web site is filled with important information about what to do before your departure to make your trip as rewarding as possible. Here’s a basic timeline so you’ll know if your trip is on target.

Click here for the forms and materials mentioned below

Trip Timeline And Critical Deadlines

Six Months Before Your Trip – Or Earlier

Schedule your trip with Predisan by e-mailing please e-mail Teresa, in Honduras – [email protected] to discuss your interest. Many trips are booked by the end of one year for the coming year.

90 Days Before Your Trip

In country fees and non refundable project fees are due.

Five Weeks Before Your Trip

  • Medical Brigades: Consult the Medical Brigade Handbook and work with please e-mail Teresa, in Honduras – [email protected] on the credentials that must be filed with the Honduran Ministry of Health NO LATER than one month before your trip. This is an ironclad deadline required for you to practice medicine in Honduras.
  • Medical Brigades: Complete the submission of credentials to Predisan

One Month Before Your Trip

  • All Groups and Brigades: E-mail Embassy Spreadsheet
    The Group leader e-mails the Information Form for the U.S. Embassy to Teresa Mejia. The Embassy website rejects spreadsheet with empty fields. Please fill in all fields.
  • All Groups and Brigades: Send Medical/Liability Releases
    All group members must complete a medical release and a liability release, have BOTH forms notarized, and give to group leader to send to Predisan (Adults and minors use different forms).
  • Medical Brigades: All Physicians must sign “Guidelines for Visiting Physicians” and give to group leader to be sent to Predisan
  • One Week Before Your Trip

    All Groups and Brigades: If your group lives in the same area, have a bon voyage meeting or meal together to review the plans for your trip. If your group is scattered, be in touch by e-mail. Exchange cell phone numbers for airport contact. If you are departing as a group, decide on a meeting place at your airport. Everyone should pack a copy of Predisan contact information, leave one copy at home, and pack a photocopy of his or her passport.

    After Your Trip

    If your group lives in the same area, plan a picture party or de-briefing meeting to discuss and reminisce about your trip. Encourage all trip members to join the Predisan Facebook page:

    Click here for the forms and materials mentioned above