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Predisan’s name describes our purpose well. “PREDISAN” comes from two Spanish words meaning “to proclaim” and “to heal,” as in Luke 9:2 when Jesus sent out the apostles “to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.” in short, we are about “Proclaiming Jesus, Healing Lives.”

Our vision

As a Christian organization our vision is to see people experience wholeness:
physical, spiritual, social, economic and environmental health according to God’s redemptive plan.

The problem

Men, women and children – families – suffering from:

  • Preventable disease, and lack of basic healthcare and nutrition.
  • Living without the hope that faith in Christ provides.
  • A limited vision of the future, restrained by a lack of education and economic opportunity.

Our solution.

To be Christ’s hands and feet in partnership with donors and volunteers in health services, education, and other actions that transform the lives of people, empowering them to pursue complete wellness.

As god works through us, we

  • Testify to the gospel of Christ through teaching and service.
  • Deliver quality health care at an accessible cost.
  • Provide rehabilitation for people suffering from substance and alcohol abuse and dependence, family counseling and youth drug prevention activities.
  • Foster a safe and healthy environment for mind, body and spirit through community development and education initiatives.
  • Pursue strategies towards the sustainability of our programs.
  • Provide opportunities for missionary experience and volunteer service for visitors and future missionaries.

You can give hope and healing today.

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What else can you do?

  • Pray. Pray with and for our staff and volunteers, that we will be god’s instruments’ – that we will proclaim christ, and heal lives.
  • Come to honduras as a volunteer. Click this link to learn more about how to serve in honduras.
  • With god’s help, you are empowering and equipping people.
  • Helping them reach their god given potential.
  • So they too can proclaim jesus and heal lives.
  • In their communities.